Introduction About Ubuntu

At a time of increasing economic pressures and high inflation rates, in addition to the depreciation of the local currency against foreign currencies, all these reasons make the best investment opportunities represented in medium and long-term investment through the establishment of service, production and commercial projects commensurate with the carefully studied market needs

Although the opportunity is available and many entrepreneurs and innovators have innovative ideas for promising projects, and on the other hand there are many investors looking for the appropriate investment opportunity, but the two parties do not meet in the most appropriate way for the two parties.

From here, the idea of ​​establishing Ubuntu arose to become a meeting point for the idea of ​​the project and financing with the desire of the founding partners to cooperate and maximize the benefit from their cumulative experiences, executive capabilities, integration of their specialties and market relations under an institutional umbrella that applies all administrative, legal, technological and technical operational standards in a participatory form that ensures the achievement of growth goals and Development and maximi

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