The company represents a main executive partner in all projects: With each project agreed to start its implementation, its feasibility study is carried out and the legal establishment of a company for the project is managed, with the parent company as a strategic and executive partner for each project. The company acts as a business incubator and managing partner for the owners of ideas and emerging projects The possibility of more than one investor participating in one project. Supporting the partnership of projects with each other to maximize the benefit of all the company's projects. The possibility of forming simple investment portfolios for each investor based on his participation rates in various projects (through partnership contracts within the framework of the participation shares allocated to shareholders in subsidiaries). The possibility of systematic exit from projects after an investment period that is determined based on the nature of each project. All projects benefit from the company's aggregated data center (client exchange) The company can provide its services separately, collectively, or in phases, based on the submitted projects and ideas and their implementation stage when the service is requested.

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