Ubuntu Project Finance Platform

1. UBUNTU Project Finance Platform
UBUNTU Platform is a dynamic, modern and secure electronic platform owned and managed by UBUNTU for Integrated Services and Project Management.
The platform provides its integrated technological services to all partners and customers, with a focus on designing and developing service packages that suit each category of users of the platform (clients / partners and financiers).
A.    The platform management provides an integrated technological services package that applies the best systems specialized in managing commercial projects in their various fields.
B.    It is continuously developed in accordance with market data, operational requirements, and the results of periodic follow-up and evaluation for each project.
C.    The platform uses an integrated, interactively managed database to analyze data, market studies, financing opportunities and desires, as well as operational data for affiliated projects, and available partnership segments and packages in projects according to the assessment of financiers and financing opportunities to achieve business growth.
D.    The platform uses AI to identify trends and customer preferences to help identify financing and business growth opportunities across business lines.

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