Ubuntu Project Management Services

In light of the tough competition, today Is business market requires a professional review of the organizational structure and management procedures to ensure continued business growth and profit increase in the coming years; In many cases, the policies of some companies are affected by daily problems, especially with disregard for strategic objectives.
UBUNTU offers a wide range of strategic business consulting. We understand most business issues associated with different industries, as each stage of project/company operation and management is analyzed constructively and objectively. We work with different business sectors and government entities to bring their management organizations in line with the overall goals.
UBUNTU Project management services:
A.    Project/company management handbook.
B.    Business Continuity Policy
C.    Project/company policies and procedures manual.
D.    Human Resource Management Manual
E.    Purchasing Guide.
F.    Set up the project management support office / company.
G.    Monitoring and evaluation plan and internal audit manual

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