We are an Egyptian consulting company that knows how to keep going with our business, absorbing all best practices, taking into account the prevailing local regulations and values, all this blends with our experience and network of partners and consultants to provide services leading to results that are specific to the Egyptian, Arab and African client.
The company focuses its business on the Middle East region and starts from Egypt. It started its work with existing projects and project ideas that originate in Egypt, and then move on to the neighboring countries in the Middle East, the Arab Gulf and Africa.
if you are:
1.    The owner of an innovative idea and would like to turn it into a project,
2.     Or an investor who would like to join us to create a project,
3.    Or an entrepreneur thinking about starting a new venture,
4.    Or an entrepreneur and want to grow your business,
5.    Or owner of a brand and seeking a thoughtful spread and professional management of your brand,
Your partnership with UBUNTU is the right destination to achieve your goals, start hard work, and achieve success for your project.

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