Founders & Team

The company  business was launched by two entrepreneurs, they are: Osama Al Kafrawy (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Head of the Quality and Human Resources Sector), a serial entrepreneur in various fields, including Business information systems, an expert in monitoring & evaluation, and organization structuring, and an expert in training and development; Sameh Al-Kashef (Managing Director and Head of Operations Sector). He is an expert in business development and enterprise structuring. His areas of expertise include institutional capacity building and training. He also has multi-sector experience gained from working in commercial companies, national initiatives and projects.

UBUNTU Team: Through a clear and integrated vision of the company  work areas, a distinguished team of experts and specialized cadres has been formed at the planning and executive levels; As well as institutional partnerships with firms and companies providing financial, economic, legal and technological services.

UBUNTU Experts

Heba Mahmoud

Business Development Consultant

Ahmed Al-Shinawee

Business Development Consultant

Mahmoud Mousa

Technology and digital transformation consultant

Hisham Zahran

Marketing and promotion consultant

Sherif Fayed

Financial performance control advisor

Tarek Diab

Project management consultant

Osama Al Kafrawy

Chairman of Board of Directors (Head of Quality and Human Resources Sector)

Sameh Al-Kashef

Business Development/ Organization Development - TVET Expert

Abdul Rahman Al-Kafrawi

Interior Design Expert

UBUNTU Projects